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What is the loan amount that I can apply for, and for how long?

You can apply for a 10.000 – 20.000 ISK loan with us, with the first instalment in 15, 22 or 30 days.

How much do I pay for the loan?

The exact price of the loan dependes on the loan amount and loaning period. In most cases the price based on aproximatly 35% APR (annual percentage rate). Which mean if you apply for a 10.000 ISK loan for 12 months you’d pay a 3.500 ISK loaning fee, thus in total you have to repay 13.500 ISK.

How will I recieve the loan?

If Kredia approves your loan, you’ll receive the money within the same day via bank transfer to your bank account which you registered.

How I will repay the loan?

We offer two ways for you to repay the loan. You can either log into your online bank and pay the loan there, or you can log into your account on our website and go into the „My loans” section and repay the loan by card (VISA or Mastercard).

What happens if I don't repay the loan?

It’s always best to contact us before the final due date. There is always a change to extend your loan by 30 days for a fee of 6.000 ISK. Nevertheless, if your loan goes past the final due date, the company may send you a reminder letter, or in more severe cases the loan will be transferred to a collection agency. All of these actions will be charged according to the law. Details regarding the fees can be found in the loan contract.

Will I get a loan contract?

You'll receive all documents regarding your loan via email. The documents include your loan contract (link sample), terms and conditions (link sample) and an EU form (link sample). These documents are personalized according to your information and loan conditions, and you'll be able to read them before you apply for the loan.

Can I get another loan if I have a loan that’s past due?

No, unfortunately you cannot get a loan from us if you are on default.

Final due date of my loan is today, can I postpone it until next week?

We can only offer you a 30 days’ extension on your loan. You can complete the extension by logging in to your account on our website, where you will find the "my loans" page and an option to extend your loan for a fee of 6.000 ISK.

Can I apply for a loan via SMS?

No, but you can always apply for a loan on our website.

Do I have to apply for a loan if I sign up for your service?

No, you can register with us without having to apply for a loan. But after registering, you can apply for a loan any time you need it.

How can I contact you?

Our service centre is open from Monday to Fridays, from 8AM to 4PM. You can reach us by phone, 515 1919, or on our web chat. You can also send us your requests, or complaints, via email,, or through our website We will answer you no later than 30 days from your request.